What is Numerology


Numerology is the study of numbers, their meanings and the relevance that they can have on your life.
Your date of birth and full birth name are used when calculating your numerology chart to ensure it is unique to you.
When we look at numerology we mainly focus on the numbers 1-9 and reduce all numbers down to these.
However the exception to this is the 3 Master numbers in numerology that we don’t reduce down to a single digit these are 11, 22 and 33. Having a master number within your numerology chart is quite rare and i will go in to further detail on this in the ‘Master Numbers’ section of this post.

Reducing down numbers to calculate your life path

So for example, if your birthdate is 5/6/1975 we would add these numbers together 5+6+1+9+7+5 = 33, leaving us with a master number 33 which we don’t reduce down, however, if your birth date is 4/4/1972 we would calculate your numbers 4+4+1+9+7+2 = 27. As 27 is not a master number we would then reduce down 27 so 2+7 = 9.
The numbers from your date of birth are very significant in numerology as they determine your life path number, so from the examples above you can see we have a life path 33 and a life path 27/9.

Calculating Universal and Personal years

Using the numbers 1-9 we can also determine what the current year will have in store for us on a personal and universal level.
lets take a look at the current year 2021, here we would add the digits 2+0+2+1 = 5, so this would mean that the year 2021 is considered to be a 5 universal year. Knowing this can also help you to discover your own personal year. To work out your personal year you take your day and month of birth and add this to 5 (universal year), so as an example 5+6+5 = 16, next we reduce the 16, 1+6 = 7 so this would be a personal 7 year.

Universal year 5

2021 is a 5 universal year that means it’s a year for change, adventure, freedom and answers.
This year you could find yourself wanting to try/study new things or maybe you will be planning your next big adventure. This year is about freedom and finding answers to the questions that you may have had for a while.
This year could also be full of surprises and revelations!

Numbers 1-9
So lets take a brief look at the numbers 1-9.
1-This number represents passion, charisma, new beginnings and leadership, it can indicate the need to be more assertive.
2-This number represents partnership, duality and co-operation, it can also indicate someone with strong intuition and empathy.
3-This number represents communication, expression, optimism and can indicate strong visionary abilities.
4-This number represents stability, productivity and order and can indicate someone with a strong ability to progress in life.
5-This number represent change ,variety and seeking answers it can indicate someone that wants to live life to the max!
6-This number represents nurturing, protection and community it can indicate someone that has strong maternal instincts and a need to care for others.
7-This number represents luck, spirituality and knowledge it can indicate someone that will always seek answers.
8-This number represents hard work, abundance and material success, it can indicate someone that will work hard to achieve their goals
9-This number represents control, finalisation, selflessness and compassion, it can indicate someone that will work hard for the benefit of others.

Master numbers

These numbers can have quite a powerful influence for people with these life paths, you may find life quite challenging at times and have a deep feeling that you are here to do something special.
It can take time to realise your true potential but can lead to a very rewarding life experience.

These numbers also create a triangle of enlightenment, where the qualities of 11 and 22 come together to make 33.

11-This number represents “The Spiritual Messenger”, it is considered the most intuitive number and those with this as their life path number can have incredible leadership skills and will seek answers of a spiritual nature. Keyword is Intuition.
22-This number represents “The Master Builder” it is considered to be the number of great potential and success and those with this as their life path number can have great ability to turn dreams into reality due to having great insight. Keyword is Knowledge.
33-This number represents “The Master Teacher” it is considered to be the most spiritually evolved of all numbers and can have considerable influence over all other numbers, those with this as their life path number will have a high level of devotion to others and feel the need to help, guide and uplift everyone. Keyword is Guidance

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about Numerology, why not give it a go with your own date of birth?
Love and Light Xx

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