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Another area that I have become increasingly interested in over the years is Chakras
The word Chakra translates to “wheel” or “disk” in Sanskrit, and is said to represents the spiritual energy centre within the body.
It is believed that in order to maintain overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing it is important to keep your 7 chakras in balance, as this allows the energy to flow freely through your mind and body. If they become blocked you may experience both physical and emotional symptoms

The 7 Chakras are…
1-Root Chakra
2-Sacral Chakra
3-Solar Plexus Chakra
4-Heart Chakra
5-Throat Chakra
6-Third eye Chakra
7-Crown Chakra
Your Chakras start at the base of your spine and continue up to your crown, each chakra is thought to aid certain elements of your wellbeing, lets take a look at each chakra and the benefits of keeping them open and balanced…

Root Chakra
This Chakra is said to help you deal with life’s challenges whilst helping to keep you grounded, it helps to bring a sense of security, stability and contentment both emotionally and physically, and is located at the base of your spine.

Sacral Chakra
This Chakra is said to help with your emotions and how you deal with others emotions, as well as your sexual and creative energy, your sacral chakra is just below your belly button.

Solar Plexus Chakra
This Chakra is said to help with confidence and self esteem as well as helping you to feel in control of your life, you will have a strong sense of you own inner power and how to use it in a positive and constructive way this chakra is located in your stomach area.

Heart Chakra
This Chakra is said to help you with the ability to give and receive love as well as being able to show compassion, you will feel comfortable within your relationships and have no trouble with loving yourself for who you are, yes you’ve guessed it!… this chakra is found near your heart in the centre of your chest.

Throat Chakra
This Chakra is said to help with the ability to communicate verbally and express ourselves, you should feel confident communicating with others and expressing your ideas. This chakra is found in your throat.

Third Eye Chakra
This Chakra is said to help with intuition and imagination, you should be able to trust in your own knowledge and abilities, and have a strong sense of who you are. this chakra can be located between your eyes.

Crown Chakra
This Chakra is said to help with your spiritual connection to yourself, the universe and others, you will feel there is a deeper a meaning to life and feel a sense of joy and peace, this chakra is located at the top of your head.

Out of Balance?

When a Chakra is out of balance or low in energy then you may find yourself having difficulty expressing the qualities related to that specific chakra and likewise if you have a chakra that is overactive this can also cause those qualities to become dominate which can also have an effect on you emotionally and physically.
Lets take a brief look at some of the symptoms you may experience if one or more of your chakras are out of balance…

Root Chakra
You may feel sluggish and insecure, you may experience more financial issues when this chakra is out of balance, you could also experience pain or stiffness in your legs and feet, sciatica ,constipation or bladder problems.

Sacral Chakra
When this chakra is blocked you may struggle to form close relationships and suffer from low libido, you may find it difficult to express your emotions or become fearful of betrayal, you may also experience back and hip pain or reproductive health issues.

Solar Plexus Chakra
If this Chakra becomes blocked you may experience digestive issues, and chronic fatigue, you may also find yourself being your own biggest critic due to low self esteem and feel the need to constantly please others, inability to trust your own intuition or act upon achieving your own desires and goals.

Heart Chakra
When this chakra is blocked you may have a fear of commitment or suffer from jealousy, you make lack compassion or hold on to grudges, you may also experience, asthma, allergies and upper back and shoulder pain.

Throat Chakra
You may have a fear of speaking up or expressing what you want or feel, you may feel as though others don’t hear or listen to you and feel the need to just follow others, you may experience sore throats, thyroid issues, ear infections or neck and shoulder pain.

Third Eye Chakra
When this chakra is blocked you may find yourself being very indecisive and lack confidence in your abilities, you may suffer from headaches, blurred vision and sinus issues, you may also become moody and stubborn.

Crown Chakra
If this chakra becomes blocked you may feel lonely, lack direction and trust, you may become stuck in your ways, unwilling to take action or accept guidance. you may also experience headaches, dizziness, depression and weird dreams.

If you feel that any of your chakras are blocked or out of balance the best way to unblock and rebalance them is to start working on your Root Chakra and work your way up. To do this you can try meditation techniques, using and wearing crystals (chakra Jewellery), spending time in nature or wearing clothes that are relevant to the chakras is also thought to help.

Chakra Colours
Solar Plexus-Yellow
Third Eye-Indigo

I really hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little bit about Chakras, if you have then please keep an eye out for my future posts where I will explain a little more on keeping your Chakras balanced.
Love and Light Xx

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