Moon Calendar 2021

Moon Calendar 2021 JanuaryNew Moon-13th (In Capricorn)Full Moon-28th Wolf Moon FebruaryNew Moon-11th (In Aquarius)Full Moon-27th Snow Moon MarchNew Moon-13th (In Pisces)Full Moon-28th Worm Moon AprilNew Moon-12th (In Aries)Full Moon-27th Pink Moon (Supermoon) MayNew Moon-11th (In Taurus)Full Moon-26th Flower Moon/Blood moon (Supermoon) JuneNew Moon-10th (In Gemini)Full Moon-24th Strawberry Moon JulyNew Moon-10th (In Cancer)Full Moon-24th Buck Moon […]


CHAKRAS Another area that I have become increasingly interested in over the years is ChakrasThe word Chakra translates to “wheel” or “disk” in Sanskrit, and is said to represents the spiritual energy centre within the body.It is believed that in order to maintain overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing it is important to keep your […]